Our top 4 picks from The Riwaayat Edition for modern, stylish Abayas

Feeling like you need to go out in style even if you are wearing a Naqab? Search no more. 

Abayas are one of the oldest and the most modest form of fashion but with generation they have become a statement for women who love to follow their tradition yet be stylish. 

Getting stylish Abaya online is tough and we know that you have made those rounds at your boutique store to get your custom made Abaya. This is one of the main reason we introduced Riwaayat to our collection giving a modern twist to the conventional Abaya.

4 trendy Abayas to check out on Noor Collections.

1.  Layered Abaya

With our combination of floral and plain georgette, this abaya is perfect for any occasion. You will love the subtle combination of smooth wine coloured georgette in the inner layers topped with a floral print, a signature of Noor Collections. The set comes with a wine coloured laced hijab. Buy this Abaya at Noor Collections.

Occasion to wear: College, wedding, party
Must have's for: Newly weds, college goers
2. Statement Abaya
This is the abaya you want to create a statement of your own. wear to work. It’s made for busy days at the office. This Abaya is made of high quality, Italian silk adorned with exquisite lace.The Noor Collections abaya is designed for women who want to dress modestly and still be able to work in a professional environment. The lace olive green overcoat is a stunning and modern addition to this otherwise traditional abaya. Buy this Abaya at Noor Collections.
Occasion to wear: Office, formal events
Must have's for: Working women
3. The Everyday Abaya
We don't mean regular when we say everyday. At Noor Collections, our everyday Abaya still stands out in the crowd with the colour, fabric, style and design. Our Prussian Blue Abaya is heavily patterned that makes it stand out of the rest. This Ankle length Abaya is made of textured georgette and is a definite head turner. Buy this Abaya at Noor Collections.
Occasion to wear: Anywhere and everyday

Must have's for: Everyone must own this 

4. The Wedding/festive Abaya
Can an article end without featuring an Abaya exclusively made around festivities and wedding. Our Satin and net embroidered Abaya is all you need to to enter a wedding in style or kick start the festivity mood. This elegant ensemble by Noor Collections is a satin abaya with an embroidered net overcoat and a black laced hijab. Wear it to your next Eid or wedding. This set includes a jewel neck abaya with embroidered net cape and a matching black laced hijab. These pieces are sure to make you feel like royalty. Buy this Abaya on Noor Collections.
Occasion to wear: Festivals, Weddings
Must have's for: This is in fact a must have for all 

Do check out our Hijab Fashion collection to to buy designer hijabs. From the world of fashion, Abayas & Hijabs have gone mainstream. Here at Noor Collections, we offer an extensive selection of Abayas & Hijabs in various styles and colors to suit any taste or any occasion.

Hope this article helps you in finding the right Abaya for you.

Keep yourself stylish for every mood!
Team Noor Collections

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