Celebrating 1 year of Noor

Time flies and how!!! It feels like yesterday when we were dreaming of starting something of our own and today our company turns one year old. When we take a relook at the year that passed by, it has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride with days waiting for our first orders, nights we got caught up with photoshoots, and travels to source the best fabrics for our customers and, afternoons shipping orders.


For both of us in our 30s, leaving a well-settled life, and a high-paying job wasn’t an easy thing. It took grit & determination to start something new but today when we look back, the biggest happiness we feel is that we took the plunge. 



While few things worked in our favor, we also met with equal failures in this first year of our journey. This past year has been full of never-ending learnings for us- about our customers, business and today as we celebrate our 1st anniversary, we thought it would be a good idea to share them so that our customers are a part of our journey and might also motivate new entrepreneurs


  1. Don’t tell customers; ask them what they need
  2. Build short-term strategies connected to a larger vision
  3. Keep experimenting, you never know what idea clicks with your customer
  4. Hire employees who want success and are ready to work towards it
  5. Fashion keeps changing but comfort remains a priority
  6. Every day is not the same; let that not bring down your morale
  7. Initial idea change - research 
  8. In the initial stage, go slow-paced, understand your product, your audience and tread cautiously
  9. The world has moved online but connecting with your customers offline to receive feedback is crucial 
  10. Risk is an inevitable part of any entrepreneur’s life but take calculated risk


Oceans do not stay calm always and so is life. But if you can focus on your shore as a traveler, one day you will definitely reach your destination. Last but not the least, we would like to thank all our customers for being a part of our journey. We promise to keep the ball rolling with high hopes, great enthusiasm, and a tough grind to achieve what we have dreamt of.


- Preeti Nair & Khushnuma Parveen



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