The story behind Noor Collections

Today, we are extremely happy to announce the launch of our brand- Noor Collections. We both individually have always loved everything about fashion, clothes, jewelleries, shoes, bags (literally everything). But starting our own brand was always a dream. We aren't designers but we are consumers like you and that's where we believe that we have a common story.

The last two years have been very difficult for all of us but we also learnt that happiness lies in small things. While going out and shopping with friends followed by a brunch was something we did miss but we did spend a lot of time browsing through catalogs (online window shopping:)). As a fashion lover, we believe that what you wear has a great impact on your personality and we realised some pain points and started chatting up with friends on their experience. Personally, our biggest concern was design and quality. The styles we personally love weren't nowhere to be seen. Catching up with friends we figured that there are categories which are yet untouched in the market, lots of designs that can be explored.

All these conversations & personal experiences led us to launch Noor Collections and explore and reinvent internationally inspired designs across our editions to provide #TheNoorYouNeed.

Thank You!



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