About Us

The word ‘Noor’ means radiance. While  the concept of Noor on clothing makes us more beautiful, it also serves as a reminder to us that we are all equal and different in our own ways radiating our inner shine.
We are a fashion brand aiming to create a shift in the mindsets of people maintaining a balance between the conventional fashion sense with a twist of modernity cutting across barriers of ethnicity, diversity and fashion choices to give them the ‘Noor’ they deserve. 
We are here not to just sell clothes but help you to tell your story with fashion inspirations that you can identify and relate with. 
With a vision to make women feel confident about their style and fashion choices, we strive to create well thought of, original, contemporary and edgy collections.
We are determined to bring designs that speak for themselves, quality that can be touched and a satisfaction that can be felt. 

    You are made up of virtues that illuminates your personality. Even if your glow blinds the world. Look forward.

    Walk bold and just slay